Friday, 23 December 2011

2 days til Christmas

More chutney was made. This time mostly by the Big One, and it was Nigella's Christmas Chutney to be gifted as Christmas presents. I was told I had to help, and that one of the jars would be his present to me. Somehow that doesn't seem quite right! But I like chutney making, so I went with it.
The Cranberry Sauce (another Nigella Christmas recipe - we are having a Nigella Christmas) was made. How easy, how much, how yum! And it sang Jingle Bells to me in a Scandinavian accent, since it perfectly hit my red-and-white Christmas notes.
I made Nigella's Sticky Gingerbread Cake. It was a) huge; b) impressive; and c) delicious. And I can tell you, after the fact, that it improved with age. Despite being a gingerbread cake, I earned major brownie points with it. And my mother-in-law, the daughter of professional bakers, said my Christmas baking was worthy of her parents. Which made me prouder than a peacock.

There has also been a lot of last-minute Christmas sewing going on, but I can't show it to you until the presents have all been given out. Oh how I do like the secrets of the season!


  1. You are a domestic goddess! Puts my efforts this year to shame!

  2. I second the above. My christmas efforts were dismal in comparison! But I put that down to one troublesome springer spaniel puppy ;-)
    I am looking forward to living the 'Country Living' lifestyle vicariously through you in 2012!
    Love from a grateful recipient of wonky star and nordic bauble xx


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