Friday, 23 December 2011

1 day til Christmas

Christmas Eve!!...
Here was the table for a lovely lunch with soup, salad, cheeses and some seasonal fare. Yes, that is a full wine glass you spotted. Having spent three years either pregnant or breastfeeding, we decided to enjoy my first Christmas of neither!
And here was the turkey in its aromatic bath (Nigella's Spiced & Superjuicy Turkey), where it wallowed for 24hours (and yes, it was worth it). And the last of the Christmas sewing ready for gifting away.

And here is the Christmas window at the front of our house: birds, pears, and homemade decorations in a nudge towards 'My True Love Gave to Me'. It went up a week ago but I did say I'd show it to you.

And of course there was more Christmas baking from Nigella's bible... here are the lovely geometric lines of her cranberry, pecan and white chocolate cookies that were baked on Christmas eve, a few gifted later that day, and the rest kept for Boxing Day pudding. Oh. My. Goodness. Too delicious to only make at Christmas: I think they'll have another outing soon. And we ate Jamie's fish pie with hard-boiled eggs hidden within like the coins in a Christmas pudding (which I didn't make this year - only I like it). It was the perfect fishy Christmas Eve supper.

And before I go, here are the Little One's glittery decorations, made with a kind friend, and now adorning our back door. He has embellished his decoration corner considerably. With the help of a ladder (one of his favourite things) he's sellotaped all manner of bits of plastic, bubble wrap, and even hangers to the door. He is yet to discover the true meaning of decorations but, despite all my hard work at tastefully decorating the house, this little corner is my favourite spot of all.

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