Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sewing for money - a little small business post

I'm in the early days of my business, Sparrow Stitch. Sometimes I'm working on curtains for weeks, and sometimes things are a little lean and I'm taking on smaller projects. I don't actually mind. While I'm not trying to reach a certain income level month-to-month, the leaner times are good for business admin and a bit of sewing variety.
You may recall, from last summer, that I made one of these cushions before. A few weeks ago I made its twin, for Ava's little sister Eadie. I love a bit of girly sewing, and there's something quite therapeutic about running the seams of a square through the zig-zag stitch of my sewing machine.
I also made some bandanas to fit on a couple of dog collars. A friend's mother commissioned me and gave me some detailed parameters, but again it was a satisfying project. Neat, precise, tidy. Kind of what I needed at the time.

It's the Easter holidays at the moment, so my sewing's hit a bit of a standstill while we spend most of our time outdoors. I wouldn't wish the time away, but I'm looking forward to Monday coming round, school and nursery starting up again, and hearing the sound of my sewing machine coming back to life.

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