Sunday, 21 April 2013

Making: changes

We have been waiting for the change-over from winter to spring. And here it is. Some days are still hat & gloves weather, like the photo of the Tiny One above. Other days, like yesterday, the windows are flung open, the jumpers are discarded, and the garden becomes a room in our home.
I have been making changes with the blog design. There may still be a little tinkering to do but why wait to write because of that?
I want to tell you that some days I feel so myself and other days are still playing catch-up. It's like the difference between riding a wave on a surfboard or swimming in it. There's no drowning going on, but the wave riding is the hope I'm heading for.
I have so many plans and ideas that just tinkle from my head, dance merrily on the floor below me then wander off to get lost somewhere. Time keeps marching on, life keeps needing to be lived, and I am now settling down to that rhythm. I'm doing what I can, rather than living always frustrated at the lack of time to do what I could have done.
There has been precious little sewing going on since Christmas, and what I have done has run away without a photograph. I made my parents a king-size quilt, a mammoth task, and I am still waiting to show it to you. I finished sewing my sister-in-law's belated Christmas presents. I've made a cape for a boy's birthday. I've made a one-strand mobile for myself. And right now I'm in the middle of sewing another king-size quilt, this time for my brother. As normal service resumes on this blog, I'll show you as many of these as I can.
But I want to tell you that as I sat at my sewing machine yesterday for the first time in a fortnight, and heard the first whizz of the needle as it woke from its slumber, my eyes pricked with tears. The kind that you get when the television shows you a happy ending, a cured child, or a couple brought together at last. Part of me felt silly at being so pathetic. But the rest of me felt that quiet joy and ease that comes with finding yourself again, and smiled at it. Everything about sewing tells me who I am. And sometimes I need reminding.

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