Monday, 6 August 2012

In which I sew some gifts for children

It appears my sewing mojo has returned with a little bunny hop...

I made this little rabbit puppet for a one-year old. Unusually, I made it from a pattern, found in this book by Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread blog. I loved making it, though it took ages and hand-sewing those arms in with two rounds of running stich and an overlock stitch took the longest of all! Still, I'd gladly make another one. It's just so lovely.

Goodbye little bunny - this one has already left for its new home.

I also made some name bunting for a friend's new little boy. I was inspired by Mary Emmens' name bunting, but made it up myself as I went along. To stop the letters fraying and to give them more structure, I used bondaweb. The back (unseen) is leftover blue sheeting from my play house project. The front is a mixture of new, old and very old fabrics (in fact the 'N' is from a dress I wore as a girl!). It has a sort of sky/moon theme to it. I'd love to make some for my boys too. Yet another thing to add to the I-meant-to-make-it-but-I'll-never-get-around-to-it list!

And lastly, for a special little girl turning three, I made her a birthday crown. She has a lot of inner princess, so I hope it suits! It has medium-weight interfacing inside for structure, as well as upholstery-weight fabrics (gosh I do love that pink spot). I thought about adding beads to the points to make it a bit more regal, but she has a little sister (she of the bunny-gift above) and I didn't want to make the crown too tempting to a one-year-old's mouth!

So there we go. I'm heading back to my sewing corner now to work on some UFOs (unfinished objects) for, shock horror, our house! It's lovely making gifts but it's a real treat to sew something we can keep.

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  1. Hurrah well done! It's lovely when that mojo reappears - great bunting, good idea to use bondaweb. Love the bunny and crown too. I'm struggling to get much done with everyone at home but trying to enjoy the moment instead!


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