Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Baby steps

What's new pussycat? Well, the Tiny One went from these...
to these...

Yes, his first pair of shoes. Time's just rolling on by, and I feel like a twig in floodwater some days. Whoosh.

The Tiny One also had his first swim at the weekend (tears to smiles in five minutes) while the Little One went in for the first time in over a year (and finally likes it). The Big One wouldn't come. He was having a teenage moment. Usually I just let those moments roll over me, but this time it was sad. He would have loved it. He used to love it. And the two littlies would have loved him there. So I say, "next time" (or else!)

In other news, tonight was a sewing night, but here I am still at the computer. So much for rolling back the blogging stuff: I feel sucked in again. And I don't seem able to stop writing, thinking about writing, reading, searching for inspiration and being inspired. It's hard to roll back on something that feels like it's doing you good. But the balance is better this time round.

I've got a blog redesign up my sleeve but I need the lovely husband to give me a hand with the photography and the design side (he has a good eye, and I need a sounding board). Watch this space!

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