Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Day - or my attempt to be 'glass half full'

Happy May Day to you all (yes it was yesterday, but I started writing this yesterday). A day to celebrate the start of summer in the fields, fecundity in flora and fauna, warmth on the ground, and a community to share it all with.
The reality: we've had two or three days without rain in the past week. That makes two or three days in the last month, almost. It has been the wettest April on record. I drove out on Sunday around midday, at the car thermostat said 3.5oC. I'm itching to ditch the jumpers, to see some blue in the sky, to leave the kitchen door open so we can all flow in and out to the garden. I have to say, I'm not feeling very May-ish.

But I am trying to count my blessings and mark my glass as half full. The photos here today (lovely photographing: lovely husband) are from our day at the zoo, when it was dry and we all had such a fabulous time. The rain has brought more time for indoor activities all together. The food in our fridge is gradually changing as British asparagus and rhubarb start to arrive (heavenly). And spring will come, eventually.

PS I crossed my fingers when I wrote that.

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