Monday, 30 April 2012

Nine things

The week that was; the week that will be...
Eleanor Grosh's 'Zoo Menagerie' fabric, found here
  1. We went to the zoo. Oh my. It was fab-u-lous. Purely through luck, we picked the only dry day amongst days of wind and rain. The boys, especially the Little One, loved it. The animals were just awe inspiring. There were a few uncomfortable moments when we thought they'd be happier free. But they'd also be less safe too, which is why the zoo's there in the first place. I can't recommend the zoo highly enough: Chester Zoo. Go!
  2. It has been rainy, grey, and on occasion seriously windy, for weeks now. We've done some puddle-splashing and some indoor playing, but our patience is wearing thin.
  3. I feel like I've been getting my mojo back again after a bit of a wobble.
  4. It is my lovely husband's birthday this week. I have lots of plans, but none sewn - he likes things sewn for the house, but not for him (grrr!). House presents seem more of a joint present, so I will instead put my making energies into the baking realm. Probably also a bit of a joint gift!
  5. My ironing pile can no longer be called such. Even 'mountain' is a bit of an underestimation. I should feel stressed about it, but I know it's been caused by too much sewing and I can't seem to find any guilt hanging around. Just glee!
  6. I have sewn a mobile for a friend's boy that my last-year self would have given, but now it just looks too amateurish. Really not happy with it. I've given an apology, promised a late birthday present, and tonight I am going to attack it with the seam-ripper and start again.
  7. I have quite a few baking plans on the rise in my mind. Watch this space.
  8. I've only got about a month until the Little One's birthday, so I think it's time to start quilt planning again.
  9. Now the day is calling me - a rare day of sunshine and just the barest of chills. I have a rosemary bush waiting to be planted, a honeysuckle to wind round a spiral staircase, and yet more grass invading the flower beds. So goodbye for now!

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