Monday, 23 April 2012

Nine things

The week that was; the week that will be...
Forest Floor fabric by Central Park, found here at Fabric Rehab

  1. The Tiny One is coming on in leaps and bounds, quite literally. In the past few weeks, he has learnt to walk along holding onto his ride-on car, to turn it round a corner, to sit on it and push himself along - and backwards, climb the stairs, get down the stairs, stand without holding on, and screeeeeeem!
  2. My sewing is coming along too. I am getting onto the sewing machine several times a week, often in the afternoons while the Tiny One sleeps and the Little One plays around, next to or on me. Even then, I love it.
  3. We have had some lovely short walks, the two littlest and I, despite the drizzle. The secateurs come with us and I try and get a few sprigs of this and that for my kitchen table.
  4. Speaking of which, there are buds everywhere. The uncommonly warm, dry March has given way to a cold, drizzly April. But the dip in the weather has taken the turbo-charge out of spring and let it take a more leisurely pace. I'm glad. More time to enjoy it.
  5. We've visited our local Bluebell Wood twice in the last week. The floor is carpeted in bluebell leaves and there is the occasional fuzz of distant blue as they begin to bloom. So excited! We'll be going again before the week is out. And I have this post by Dragonfly in my mind as I try to keep patient.
  6. Not much baking here lately, other than the burst of Easter bread and cake making (watch this space). I have plans to change it. A cake a fortnight, anyone? It's part of the plan to keep connected with my teenager. The Big One is increasingly independent and responsible for himself. But I don't want him to only be an annex to the family. Or continue being surly! We are trying to find ways to include him more without boring him, spend time with him on his terms, and talk to him with reasonable, adult conversations rather than just being cross with each other.
  7. More card plans for the week to come. And present making. A dear friend has had a baby, and babies must have mobiles!
  8. Shock horror, I plan to actually put some of my pinterest pins into action. That's where I'm heading after this.
  9. And lastly, I have almost finished reading Alison McNicol's Craft Business Handbook. I have lots of ideas and plans, but I am forcing myself to take it very slow: it is two years until the Tiny One goes to nursery and I have mornings without children around. Until then, I have to pace myself. I don't want to wish their youngest years away. They may be hard, but they are also the loveliest years we'll have.

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