Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Coming and going

Just look at these beautiful spring bulbs in bloom. Yes, it was spring. In fact, it was practically summer.

Two weeks ago, we were sat in the garden all day, short-sleeved tops on, ice lollies in hand. I was slow in remembering the sunscreen and the Little One got slight sunburn on the back of his neck. The Tiny One crawled in and out of the house like the outside was a second room. I dug out my flip flops.

This morning we woke to arctic temperatures, snow everywhere, fierce gale force winds and a blizzard blowing. The snow continued all morning. The power kept cutting out, the mobiles and TV went down and have yet to work again. Jumpers back on; two little boys with colds. My knuckles are slowly freezing-over as I write this.

Global bloomin' warming or just freak weather... I don't care what caused it, I want my spring back!

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