Friday, 20 April 2012


So I wrote a whole post on the trials and tribulations of being a mother, wife, housewife, family-member/friend, woman and sewist all at once. I was drowning. A little.

It seems I have learnt how to swim. I'm sure it won't be long before I tire and start gulping for air again (it never is). But gosh, how lovely it feels to glide on top for once. What fixed me?
  • The simple things, like the fluffy buds above. If in doubt, find your walking boots and head out. Child's pace is best - you notice so much more, and you wonder about so much through their eyes that you would otherwise see past.
  • An evening tidying up and sorting out. The jobs you've still 'to do' weigh down on you. Once you can grab a tranche of time, devote it and you get the joy of ticking them off and feeling free again.
  • I made bread. Though the kneading hurt my wrists by the end, and the finished result wasn't spectacular, bread-making is such a primitive, nourishing (in all senses of the word) thing, that it can't help but bake a bit of contentment in your heart.
  • Sewing. I have been doing some sewing and when I get the chance to sit down in front of the machine (even with a toddler playing around and often on me), inside I settle, soften and quiet. I can't wait for a bit of sunlight (other than the rain and grey we've been having for days or weeks) so that some photos can be taken and shown to you.
  • And the troubles, the problems, the nuisances (a.k.a son one, son two and son three!) can - if you remember to try - be turned into joys. A few better nights sleep, getting the other four points above under my belt, and suddenly I feel fixed. My patience is back, their funny little saying's and doing's are being paid attention to and enjoyed again. They are all my number one's.
PS One thing that's still eluding me a little, though, is the inspiration to post on the blog. I still love it, but it reflects my life and sometimes I'm not in the reflecting zone, just the doing and living. Plus it would help to have some illustrative photos! Anyway, that's why my blogging has been a bit sporadic of late.

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