Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nine things

The week that was; the week that will be...
Alexander Henry 'zoo' fabric, from Fabricworm

  1. I'm a little a lot late posting this week. My mother-in-law was here for the weekend, the sun has been out and uncommonly hot, and so the computer has been a bit neglected.
  2. Speaking of the weather, we've been in the play park, lunching outside every day for nearly a week, and gardening a lot. Our garden looks lovely now. For the first time ever (after giving up on any hope of it) I've been bitten by the green-fingered bug. Not that bugs have fingers.
  3. I've been receiving fabric through the post and getting embarrassingly excited. There's been a lovely batch of 30 felts from Giant Dwarf and three half-yard lengths of Alexander Henry 'zoo' fabric in three colourways - see image above! I'm completely potty about the zoo fabric. It's for the Tiny One's birthday quilt and I'm so desperate to get started.
  4. Speaking of which, all the fabric's arrived and ready to go, and I've found this wonderful 'quilt as you go' tutorial online that should be just the right thing for my first foray into quilting. I'm off to John Lewis for extra thread supplies and wadding (batting in Americanese) tonight, then off we go.
  5. The Tiny One has become very wilful. We're even getting toddler-style strops and he's not even one yet. I like that he knows his mind, and I like that he communicates it. But tantrums by one? From my easy-going little sunshine?! Oh well, onwards and upwards.
  6. My 90% lovely Big One has developed 10% very stroppy attitudes. Over things like unwashed P.E. kits. Thank goodness the Little One is taking a break from his terrible twos. Two at once is not great, but three boys with stroppyitus at once would send me right over the edge.
  7. The Easter Holidays start once the Big One gets home from school on Friday. I have some decorating and baking planned. Watch this space.
  8. My sewing corner is getting used! Oh ambrosia to this little sewist! (PS, I am relegating the word sew-er to the dustbin. It sounds right when I say it but in print its sewage-related homograph puts me right off. Will sewist do instead?)
  9. I have a dream of waking at 6am after eight hours of restful sleep, and getting in a full hour of 'me' time (shower, laundry, blogging) before the boys wake at 7am. My reality is getting woken at least once, if not twice, between 4-6am and often having an awake Tiny One who will not go back to sleep. This has been going on for two months. I have had enough! Unfortunately neither the Tiny or Little Ones seem to understand this. I've been awake since 5am for three mornings in a row now. The bath-coffee-smile cure is no longer working.

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