Sunday, 8 January 2012

Merry Stitchmas

Time to show you some sewn presents...
I made these cushions for my parents who live on a river and love to sail. They are for their boat or garden. I love them! Is that too effusive a comment for my own work? Well it's probably more due to the fabric anyway. Having never made a cushion cover before, I used dottie angel's post on Christmas cushions as a rough guide.
The picture to the left shows a front and back, and below you can see how I've wrapped the fabric round the side of the cushion so there's no obvious edge to it, and then added a pillowcase-style opening at the back. I know it's probably a dull point to make, but to me I'm a little bit in love with those details.

I made my brother an apron. Sorry for the very unprofessional wrinkles in the picture. They're very professional shots from the husband but I was sewing the gifts up to the last minute and didn't have time for photographs before wrapping and running. Hence these are the dishevelled unwrapped shots... But I do so love this apron, in lovely traditional Ikea apron fabric. It's the least amateurish thing I've ever sewn. Proper straight lines, parallel sewing, equidistant pocket and nice hems! Needless to say, my brother didn't quiet appreciate all this, but I made my mum listen to me go on about it instead!
I also made these place mats and pot holder with beautiful fabric from John Lewis, using patterns in Lotta Jansdotter's lovely book. The place mats have little pockets for chopsticks, and as I had bought my brother a Thai cookery book, it seemed apt.
Lastly, I'm quickly going to show you the make-up brush tidy that I made back in July for my sister-in-law. I forgot to photograph it at the time, but my beautiful sister-in-law was staying at my parents for Christmas and when I spotted it in the bathroom I sent my husband up for a stealthy photography session! I think the fabrics look beautiful together. I still have some - I think I'll have to make something for myself too!

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  1. Thesunnysideup4 March 2012 at 22:56

    Stunning Katie, you are a very talented lady x


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