Thursday, 21 July 2011

A little art, please

This is not the first time I've admitted to being 'slowly efficient', but here I go again, showing you our decorated window from May (yes, again, I know it's July!). It was for our village's childrens' books themed May Queen celebration. Recognise her? It's Matilda. I so enjoyed painting her. I wish I'd had a little help, but the Big One thinks he's too old for this sort of creative venture, and the Little One is still at the stage of (very artistic) scribbling. Matilda is close to my heart - I was always a little bookworm, and liked to fancy myself as a potential intellectual genius when I was reading the book (I was an eight-year-old with delusions of grandeur).

I wish I could tell you I look at this picture only with pride, but all I can see right now are my depressingly under-loved window boxes. I'm just about keeping my head above water with the mothering, housework and sewing/blogging/baking adventures. There is no time for my poor neglected garden! I have dreams of tumbling nasturtiums but that will have to wait til next year.

And yes, I know, the windows and ledge need painting too. You should see my list of things to do. I think I shall rename it my 'list of things that will never get done'.

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