Monday, 18 July 2011

Floral undertones

When we were a two-income family living in London, my little treat to myself was a weekly bunch of flowers sat on my kitchen table, cheering me and the house up.
We are now a one-income family living up north. I've spent a long time looking at my bare table, diligently reminding myself that staying at home and looking after my family is much more important than working to afford little treats like that. And obviously, easily, it is a price worth paying.

But there are free treats! And I did say, when I set myself this challenge of living a year of making, baking, wandering and wondering, that I would have flowers on my table again. Nowadays they come from the garden or the hedgerow, but I think I like that better.

A jug from a special friend, chives planted by the house's previous owner, some 'weeds' that I adore, and I have a vase of cheer on my table again. Plus this sort of thrown-together garden harvest is just what my mum always has, sat nonchalantly on tables, shelves and mantelpieces at her house. It's nice to feel I'm connecting to her as I cut, arrange and enjoy.

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